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Great integration initiative – Ron Burgundy (Anchorman 2) in the Dodge Durango ads


Anyone anticipating the launch of the movie Anchorman 2 is in for a real treat as Ron Burgundy (aka Will Farrell) returns to our screens in December and the movie looks awesome.  The past month has seen the Ron Burgundy character all over social media with his You Tube ads for the Dodge Durango.  If you have missed them, fear not, we have added them below.


The great thing about these ads, apart from the obvious, (boosting sales of the Dodge and promoting the upcoming movie release) the clever guys that brought the 2 brands together have executed the content really well.  The ads are funny, witty, typical of the Ron Burgundy character and most importantly are highly engaging and viral.

We look forward to seeing more of these and the full movie.

The MPA Team!



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