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Are brands ready for Generation Z?

This year ‘Hellmann’s Mayonnaise’ celebrated it’s centennial birthday with a big media campaign from it’s owners Unilever that included TV, print,  digital, Facebook, You Tube and a mobile app.  This targeted a wide range of consumers from mum’s to dad’s, 18-34s, students and kids showing the depth and breadth of a great advertising campaign.  Digital media and mobile is a new concept for this brand but Unilever (the owners) know in order for this brand to stay relevant and be around for another 100 years they need to adapt their marketing strategies to cover a wide range of activities that target all generations including generation Z.                 


Generation Z are the technology generation.  They were born with digital devices (quite literally) in their hands.  Parents, friends and family members use electronic devices to distract children whether that’s with mobile apps or games, movies, books, TV shows etc.  and more and more of us are sharing our tablets and smartphones with our kids from a very early age.

Schools are also using these devices for teaching methods and the youth (18+) are pretty savvy when it comes to research, social media, smartphones, mobile apps and entertainment using these devices.  They also seem to be less bothered about security (not sure that’s a good thing), so are brands ready for this technology generation?

Some brands have added digital to their in-house teams and/or have enlisted a digital agency, however mobile is still a small part of that.  The big media agencies have added mobile heads to educate brands, media planners and buyers about the importance of mobile and this is slowly gaining traction.  The IAB/PwC yesterday published it’s UK Digital ad spend figures for the first half of 2013, £3bn which is amazing and mobile ad spend doubled in a year. 

So there is some growth happening in the U.K. even though it may be slow compared to other countries.  If you are a brand and not yet involved in mobile, we are happy to show you the way.  Feel free to contact us; info@the-mpa.com.

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