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A great week for mobile!

It’s been an amazing week for the mobile industry this week, (maybe that’s because everyone was waiting to put out their news in early September). 

First we had the announcement that Vodafone was selling their 45% share of the US-based telecoms business Verizon for an astonishing £84bn, back to the US giant.  This deal is said to be one of the most valuable corporate deals of all time.  Vodafone, a UK company will re-invest the money in its other overseas businesses as well as other ventures.   Vodafone is a smart company and has many global partners internationally.  As this is a very lucrative deal it shows us that mobile is not slowing down any time soon.

Then we had the announcement that Microsoft are buying  Nokia device and services business for £4.6bn.  This will be a great way for them to compete with Apple and Google in the platform market.  Maybe they can get the platforms that Nokia tried to launch several times (Ovi) to a better place then Nokia did.  Don’t get me wrong they did reasonably well until Apple and Google came along and trumped them.

This week we saw the launch of Google’s Android KitKat 4.4OS.  What a great way for 2 prominent brands to partner together for mutual benefit.  I believe no money exchanged hands for this partnership which makes this partnership all the more exciting…

I don’t know about you, but the above makes me excited to be in this business.  Here’s to the next few exciting weeks and months.







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