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Google updates to the Play policy causes a lot of controversy

Since Google updated their Play policy rules (Aug 24) there has been a lot of feedback from developers and consumers alike (see article below) http://thenextweb.com/google/2013/08/23/google-updates-play-policies-to-ban-apps-and-ads-modifying-devices-require-games-use-its-in-app-billing-service/

As you will see from the updates, this is more about the consumer journey, and Play as an m-retailer exercising their rights rather than the Developer/Publisher business side of things.  However, these updates do not seem any hasher than those of Apple. 

Unfortunately for some businesses in advertising and for some developers the updates are somewhat annoying especially given certain restrictions and changes that need to be made to ads and platforms, however, we must consider the consumer in all of this too.  Afterall, no users = no advertisers,  no reviews = no improvements and no ads = no revenue for some.  But Developers need to be smart about these too.  There are way too many advertisers and dev’s out there breaking the rules (especially on Google Play) and these rules are there to protect the users (Google’s and Developers consumers).  However, there are some clever ways to work around these. 

Please note we are NOT saying to break these rules or to not to adhere to them, (please make sure that you update  as agreed in the contract updates).  There are other tactics you can exercise in order to get updates, better reviews, better ads etc.  You can use your own channels and not others to get these.  If ad networks or certain advertisers break these rules then please do not use them anymore.  There are some really good ad networks, platforms and agencies out there, so make sure you use the professional ones.  These guys will not break Google’s policy rules under any circumstances.



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