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Is Apple about to release a new budget iPhone?

In the press today there are a lot of rumours about a new budget iPhone.  Probably not quite budget in terms of the lower-end devices, but budget price in terms of the cost of its current devices.

If this is true, is this long overdue and what will this mean for their brand image? Could it hurt it?  Or is it a good tactic to compete for global dominance?

Let’s look at this in more detail;


  • A budget device permits  Apple to compete in a global market that is predominantly dominated by Samsung and other handset manufacturers. In order to compete further,  Apple needs to enter the mid-tier smartphone market.  This will allow them to gain market share, enter new markets more easily and ship thousands of devices.  The biggest market this will effect will be Asia followed closely by EMEA and the USA.  Apple’s share in central EU and US is already healthy but this could be the tipping point for a consumer to convert to an iPhone (Apple) device over a Samsung or other smartphone device such as ; Sony, HTC etc.


  • A companies brand image is built over time when a company establishes itself  but it really is defined by the perception the user has about the brand.  Apple works gallantly to ensure that their brand image is first-class and we can only admire their techniques on this.  Having a mid-level device will not change this image at all, in fact it will only grow in popularity as new users embrace its products for the very first time.

Look out for the devices coming to a store near you soon…




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