Great integration initiative – Ron Burgundy (Anchorman 2) in the Dodge Durango ads

  Anyone anticipating the launch of the movie Anchorman 2 is in for a real treat as Ron Burgundy (aka Will Farrell) returns to our screens in December and the movie looks awesome.  The past month has seen the Ron Burgundy character all over social media with his You Tube ads for the Dodge Durango.  If […]

Are brands ready for Generation Z?

This year ‘Hellmann’s Mayonnaise’ celebrated it’s centennial birthday with a big media campaign from it’s owners Unilever that included TV, print,  digital, Facebook, You Tube and a mobile app.  This targeted a wide range of consumers from mum’s to dad’s, 18-34s, students and kids showing the depth and breadth of a great advertising campaign.  Digital media and mobile is a […]

A great week for mobile!

It’s been an amazing week for the mobile industry this week, (maybe that’s because everyone was waiting to put out their news in early September).  First we had the announcement that Vodafone was selling their 45% share of the US-based telecoms business Verizon for an astonishing £84bn, back to the US giant.  This deal is said to be […]

Google updates to the Play policy causes a lot of controversy

Since Google updated their Play policy rules (Aug 24) there has been a lot of feedback from developers and consumers alike (see article below) As you will see from the updates, this is more about the consumer journey, and Play as an m-retailer exercising their rights rather than the Developer/Publisher business side of things.  However, these updates do not […]

Is Apple about to release a new budget iPhone?

In the press today there are a lot of rumours about a new budget iPhone.  Probably not quite budget in terms of the lower-end devices, but budget price in terms of the cost of its current devices. If this is true, is this long overdue and what will this mean for their brand image? Could it hurt it?  […]

Welcome to The MPA’s Blog!

Hi All Welcome to our new blog brought to you from The Mobile Partnership Agency (MPA).  We would like to keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of mobile. We will be giving you info on marketing, trends, mobile campaigns, apps and mobile games, brands, agencies and the latest offerings in mobile.   The MPA […]