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Great integration initiative – Ron Burgundy (Anchorman 2) in the Dodge Durango ads


Anyone anticipating the launch of the movie Anchorman 2 is in for a real treat as Ron Burgundy (aka Will Farrell) returns to our screens in December and the movie looks awesome.  The past month has seen the Ron Burgundy character all over social media with his You Tube ads for the Dodge Durango.  If you have missed them, fear not, we have added them below.


The great thing about these ads, apart from the obvious, (boosting sales of the Dodge and promoting the upcoming movie release) the clever guys that brought the 2 brands together have executed the content really well.  The ads are funny, witty, typical of the Ron Burgundy character and most importantly are highly engaging and viral.

We look forward to seeing more of these and the full movie.

The MPA Team!



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Are brands ready for Generation Z?

This year ‘Hellmann’s Mayonnaise’ celebrated it’s centennial birthday with a big media campaign from it’s owners Unilever that included TV, print,  digital, Facebook, You Tube and a mobile app.  This targeted a wide range of consumers from mum’s to dad’s, 18-34s, students and kids showing the depth and breadth of a great advertising campaign.  Digital media and mobile is a new concept for this brand but Unilever (the owners) know in order for this brand to stay relevant and be around for another 100 years they need to adapt their marketing strategies to cover a wide range of activities that target all generations including generation Z.                 


Generation Z are the technology generation.  They were born with digital devices (quite literally) in their hands.  Parents, friends and family members use electronic devices to distract children whether that’s with mobile apps or games, movies, books, TV shows etc.  and more and more of us are sharing our tablets and smartphones with our kids from a very early age.

Schools are also using these devices for teaching methods and the youth (18+) are pretty savvy when it comes to research, social media, smartphones, mobile apps and entertainment using these devices.  They also seem to be less bothered about security (not sure that’s a good thing), so are brands ready for this technology generation?

Some brands have added digital to their in-house teams and/or have enlisted a digital agency, however mobile is still a small part of that.  The big media agencies have added mobile heads to educate brands, media planners and buyers about the importance of mobile and this is slowly gaining traction.  The IAB/PwC yesterday published it’s UK Digital ad spend figures for the first half of 2013, £3bn which is amazing and mobile ad spend doubled in a year. 

So there is some growth happening in the U.K. even though it may be slow compared to other countries.  If you are a brand and not yet involved in mobile, we are happy to show you the way.  Feel free to contact us; info@the-mpa.com.

The Mobile Partnership Team





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A great week for mobile!

It’s been an amazing week for the mobile industry this week, (maybe that’s because everyone was waiting to put out their news in early September). 

First we had the announcement that Vodafone was selling their 45% share of the US-based telecoms business Verizon for an astonishing £84bn, back to the US giant.  This deal is said to be one of the most valuable corporate deals of all time.  Vodafone, a UK company will re-invest the money in its other overseas businesses as well as other ventures.   Vodafone is a smart company and has many global partners internationally.  As this is a very lucrative deal it shows us that mobile is not slowing down any time soon.

Then we had the announcement that Microsoft are buying  Nokia device and services business for £4.6bn.  This will be a great way for them to compete with Apple and Google in the platform market.  Maybe they can get the platforms that Nokia tried to launch several times (Ovi) to a better place then Nokia did.  Don’t get me wrong they did reasonably well until Apple and Google came along and trumped them.

This week we saw the launch of Google’s Android KitKat 4.4OS.  What a great way for 2 prominent brands to partner together for mutual benefit.  I believe no money exchanged hands for this partnership which makes this partnership all the more exciting…

I don’t know about you, but the above makes me excited to be in this business.  Here’s to the next few exciting weeks and months.







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Google updates to the Play policy causes a lot of controversy

Since Google updated their Play policy rules (Aug 24) there has been a lot of feedback from developers and consumers alike (see article below) http://thenextweb.com/google/2013/08/23/google-updates-play-policies-to-ban-apps-and-ads-modifying-devices-require-games-use-its-in-app-billing-service/

As you will see from the updates, this is more about the consumer journey, and Play as an m-retailer exercising their rights rather than the Developer/Publisher business side of things.  However, these updates do not seem any hasher than those of Apple. 

Unfortunately for some businesses in advertising and for some developers the updates are somewhat annoying especially given certain restrictions and changes that need to be made to ads and platforms, however, we must consider the consumer in all of this too.  Afterall, no users = no advertisers,  no reviews = no improvements and no ads = no revenue for some.  But Developers need to be smart about these too.  There are way too many advertisers and dev’s out there breaking the rules (especially on Google Play) and these rules are there to protect the users (Google’s and Developers consumers).  However, there are some clever ways to work around these. 

Please note we are NOT saying to break these rules or to not to adhere to them, (please make sure that you update  as agreed in the contract updates).  There are other tactics you can exercise in order to get updates, better reviews, better ads etc.  You can use your own channels and not others to get these.  If ad networks or certain advertisers break these rules then please do not use them anymore.  There are some really good ad networks, platforms and agencies out there, so make sure you use the professional ones.  These guys will not break Google’s policy rules under any circumstances.



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Is Apple about to release a new budget iPhone?

In the press today there are a lot of rumours about a new budget iPhone.  Probably not quite budget in terms of the lower-end devices, but budget price in terms of the cost of its current devices.

If this is true, is this long overdue and what will this mean for their brand image? Could it hurt it?  Or is it a good tactic to compete for global dominance?

Let’s look at this in more detail;


  • A budget device permits  Apple to compete in a global market that is predominantly dominated by Samsung and other handset manufacturers. In order to compete further,  Apple needs to enter the mid-tier smartphone market.  This will allow them to gain market share, enter new markets more easily and ship thousands of devices.  The biggest market this will effect will be Asia followed closely by EMEA and the USA.  Apple’s share in central EU and US is already healthy but this could be the tipping point for a consumer to convert to an iPhone (Apple) device over a Samsung or other smartphone device such as ; Sony, HTC etc.


  • A companies brand image is built over time when a company establishes itself  but it really is defined by the perception the user has about the brand.  Apple works gallantly to ensure that their brand image is first-class and we can only admire their techniques on this.  Having a mid-level device will not change this image at all, in fact it will only grow in popularity as new users embrace its products for the very first time.

Look out for the devices coming to a store near you soon…




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Welcome to The MPA’s Blog!

Hi All

Welcome to our new blog brought to you from The Mobile Partnership Agency (MPA).  We would like to keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of mobile.

We will be giving you info on marketing, trends, mobile campaigns, apps and mobile games, brands, agencies and the latest offerings in mobile.


The MPA Team